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Tired of the endless dog and frog memes? Tired of the (insert name) Pepe tokens or the Pepe (Insert Name) Tokens. Well the frogs have had their run and its time for the most popular fictional character to take his place as the King of the Memes!

Superman will be using his Heat Vision to burn down the supply and make this the most popular and most successful Meme token on the market!

$SUP is being launched by the team at Krypton Calls Investing, LLC. We will be using not only Krypton Calls and Squid Grow Joes YouTube Channel, but our vast connections to send $SUP far past the moon and back to Krypton!

CA: 0x3a548fc09ad72bcf2a2f8a5753c182d242ba89ae

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Phase 1

• Website Development
• NFT's
• CMC Listing
• CG Listing
• Launch
• Krypton Calls YouTube Video
• SquidGrow Joe YouTube Video
• Multiple Calls

Phase 2

• CMC Trending
• CG Trending
• Dextools Trending
• More YouTube Videos

Phase 3

• CEX Listings
• Massive Buy Back and Burn
• Staking Development
• Gamification
• LaunchPad Development

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